Joan Trice

Joan N. Trice is the founder and CEO of Clearbox, LLC, publisher of Appraisal Buzz, and host of the annual Valuation Expo, the largest conference for the valuation community. Joan also hosts the Collateral Risk Network, a members-only group of more than 300 dedicated chief appraisers, collateral risk managers, regulators, and valuation experts who are focused on resolving the many challenges facing our profession.

Duck Carnage

Monday, July 9, 2012

I was in Washington DC a few weeks ago and it was raining and a little cool. That wasn’t that unusual except for one thing. The weatherman was announcing clear skies and a heat wave. So with all of the sophisticated modeling, radar and prognostication all the weatherman could have done was look out the window.

Rule number one in risk management…keep it simple. If it walks like a duck, it is a probably a duck.

The Big C

Friday, March 23, 2012

The big thing on everyone’s mind this year is compliance. If you are an AMC, an appraiser, or a lender you have been focused on compliance. If this has not been your focus it is akin to running with scissors across a banana peel minefield.

If there is any lesson we may have learned over the past few years it is that denial only works for a while. Compliance is costly. Noncompliance is even costlier.

Red Herring Du Jour - Low Appraisals

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OK...lean in a little bit. I am going to share a secret. Don't tell anyone but appraisals aren't coming in too low. I don't mean to imply it never happens but I've asked a couple of lenders to share with me some of their data and analysis. I know you have all heard that appraisers are also travelling  500 miles uphill on a mule to do an appraisal. Yes, these things do happen but they are not the rule.