Angie Pellegrini

Title: Certified Residential Appraiser

BUZZ: Why did you become an appraiser?

Angie: I started off assisting my mother, a certified appraiser, when I turned 16 and passed my driving test. She needed a chauffeur and I was looking for any and all work to earn money for school.

BUZZ: What has been the highlight of your professional career so far?

Angie: The highlight of my career has been developing professional relationships with my clients. I've become accustomed to how independent this career can be but gaining name recognition with some of the national companies I work for is a definite point of pride for me. I try to believe that sometimes I'm more than just my login ID!

BUZZ: What is the best thing about your job?

Angie: I enjoy the challenges and the new experiences. There have been many points in the past 9 years where I've become burnt out and everything starts feeling repetitive but invariably something difficult comes along that requires more effort and training than I thought I was capable of and I feel excited about what I'm accomplishing.

BUZZ: What piece of advice would you offer young people considering a career in this profession?

Angie: I always encourage those who've shown interest in this profession to do their research and try to see the potential there is available. The years of training and education can be low paying for long hours but I feel the benefits of having an independent and (usually!) respected career is absolutely worth the difficulty.

BUZZ: What are some challenges you face in your current job?

Angie: I tend to be a workaholic when left to my own devices and I find myself leaving little time for sleep or family when rates are low and orders are plentiful. Balancing the available work out there with consideration to my own time restraints is difficult.

BUZZ: Can you share a funny or unique story about an appraisal you've done?

Angie: I once had an order for a 4plex where the owner's son was meeting me to walk through each unit. The son was obviously not interested in being stuck at the building for too long so he sped us through the inspection as fast as my apprentice and I could allow, including letting us into a unit without barely knocking at 9am. I took my photos, made my notes and opened up the bedroom door to find a sleeping and obviously naked couple lying in the bed of the room I was supposed to photograph. Lucky for me that particular lender did not require a picture of every room and we were able to get on with our business, the tenants apparently none the wiser we'd come in.

BUZZ: What was the best prank you have played on someone or had played on you?

Angie: I have never been a good prankster, I laugh too easily to keep a secret, but I've always been a good one to play on because I'm gullible when it comes to my family. My brother-in-law is an electrician. He thought it would be funny to have his lead call my husband and tell him there'd been an accident with crossed wires; his brother was in the hospital. My husband called me panicked while I was out on an inspection to say he was on his way to the hospital. I pulled over on the side of the road and called / texted every person acquainted to the family, including my brother-in-laws recent ex-girlfriend… Within 5 minutes of calling me my husband was cursing his brother and laughing the whole thing off, unbeknownst to them the rest of the family was in a panic that would take days of convincing even the most distant cousin that there was no hospital to call – it was all a joke. The happy ending to the story is that 4 years later and the pranksters no longer get me involved anymore, the risks are too high!

BUZZ: What change or direction do you see happening to the appraisal industry in the future?

Angie: I think the biggest change of direction I've noticed is the increase in reconciliation style assignments. I started training with one company two years prior and now receive a variety of orders from 3+ clients on a regular basis, making up approximately 40% of my workload. I feel it offers a great advantage to the lender to have additional professional input at a reduced cost than a full appraisal and gives us as appraisers an opportunity to supplement some of our field work with more in-office assignments. I also appreciate having an opportunity to review what other appraisers in the area are seeing in the market, something I don't otherwise have many chances to do.

BUZZ: What is your biggest Pet Peeve?

Angie: My biggest pet peeve is people who are unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints. My theory is that by showing a willingness to discuss differing thoughts some people feel they are coming across as weak, but I think there is little else to strengthen an opinion than being willing to challenge it.

BUZZ: If you could change one thing about the appraisal industry today, what would it be?

Angie: I would consider the inconsistency of the fees and turn around expectations a big downfall of the industry. While one client will order an assignment for one price, another will attempt to order that some type of assignment for half that fee and request it to be submitted within 24 hours of inspection. I understand that the acceptance of either of those assignments comes down to me but I feel the profession would find a lot more competent and willing appraisers entering the industry if they were better able to understand the expectation from lenders of what is needed from them and what their compensation should be.

BUZZ: Thank you for taking the time to answer some of these questions for us. We hope to see you again next year for Valuation Expo 2014

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