Fred Nagel LuAnne Larson

This is something the Buzz has never done before! We are bringing you a Double-Buzzography. There is a reason for this unprecedented act. Fred Nagel and LuAnne Larson have been a father daughter combo appraisal force in Wisconsin for years. Fred will be turning 90 soon and has just recently retired from the industry and LuAnne will be carrying on the torch for their company. In this spirit we took some time to talk with them both and ask some questions.

Buzz:  Fred you have been in the appraisal industry for a while now how did you get into it?

Fred: I started off my career after the service as an engineer in the electronics field in California. I was quickly promoted into administrative positions. I then returned to Hudson, WI, where I grew up to work in the family retail lumber business where I got involved in land development.  I then became a RE Broker and began doing appraisals as they were typically done by realtors or bankers.  I didn’t enjoy being a broker so I moved into the appraisal field full time.

Buzz: How did you get into the business LuAnne?

LuAnne: I began after my first child was born in 1987 when I started working for my father who was a real estate appraiser at the time. I would type reports for him and got interested in it.

Buzz:  LuAnne what would you say the highlight of your career has been?

LuAnne: Getting to work with my father has been a great experience.  Our office has always been in my parents’ home so I did not have to spend a lot on daycare as I would bring the kids with me often and my mom would help watch them.

Buzz:  LuAnne what book do you have on your nightstand right now?

LuAnne: Daisy Dalrymple by Carola Dunn

Buzz: Fred, what Cartoon Charactor best defines your personality?

Fred: "Pluggers"  He is the type of person that plugs along in life despite all the challenges and changes, aging, and esp technological changes that are to much of a challenge, and they get along just fine without all of these changes.

Buzz: Tell us something about yourself that people may not know.

LuAnne: I am very talkative and outspoken so I don’t think there is much people don’t know about me.

Buzz: What is the best thing about your job?

LuAnne: The ability to set my own schedule and I love to drive around the 3 county area that I serve and see the sights. Western Wisconsin is a beautiful area.  Actually, I think appraising is a very interesting field with a lot of “stuff” going on.  I like doing work that I can take personal pride in.  I feel sort-of like a pioneer in the industry as back when I started there weren’t a lot of women appraisers.

Fred: I’m Retired!

LuAnne: Ha Ha, Dad, you are still in the office everyday!

Buzz: What is your favorite sport to play or watch?

LuAnne: I enjoy boating, fishing, skiing, and canoeing. I enjoy watching GB packer games and skiing sports. I’ll also watch some Brewers games but I won’t go out of my way to do so.

Fred:  I enjoy not watching sports, unless it is my grandchildren.

Buzz: What do you think the most positive change you have seen in the industry since you began?

LuAnne: That it is becoming computerized. It makes getting information easier and quicker. No more re-typing the whole report because of some little mistype or change.

Buzz: Do either of you have any advice for people just getting into the appraisal Industry?

Fred: Get as much experience as you can as quickly as you can. Be sure to work under someone with a lot of knowledge that they can pass on. Try and get into lender work and avoid working for people that won’t treat you right.

LuAnne: Be sure you know a lot about the industry before getting into it. There are a lot of regulations and rules to deal with so if you can’t handle this I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a problem though because we may not have competent appraisers in the future due to poor income vs expenses ratios.

Buzz: Well I really appreciate both your time it has been a pleasure speaking with you.

The Hudson Star-Observer recently did an article about Fred Nagel. It is a really interesting read. Be sure to take a look. 

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