Thoughts from the Hurricane Zone

Monday, October 29, 2012

As we prepare for the incoming "apocalyptic" storm hitting the east coast it is important to look at the bright side. Huricane Sandy or as many have taken to calling it "FrankenStorm" has already done one good thing. The hurricane winds have displaced the political hot air at least for a few days.

I live on the east coast in Ocean City, Maryland, which is mighty close to where the storm is to make landfall this afternoon. This resort area has been hard hit by the housing crisis and the effects of this storm could be devastating. Much of the northeast was hard hit by Hurricane Irene last year.

In spite of the impending storm we, at Allterra Group, are hard at work prepping for Valuation Expo in San Antonio, November 8- 10.  We are so excited to have as a featured guest speaker, Josh Rosner, coauthor of “ Reckless Endangerment”. Bring your copy of the book if you wish to grab an autograph.

And “Lenders LIVE” is a new area on the Expo floor devoted to direct engagement lenders. This has generated a lot of attention. We know attending conferences is a major ordeal but you will be rewarded many times over. The business case for attending Valuation Expo is a financial no brainer. The hard part for me to quantify for you is the rewards of networking with peers from all across the country. This will be the best attended Collateral Risk Network (CRN) meeting ever. Folks, these are your potential clients. It doesn’t get any better than that.

From my vantage point about 30 miles inland from Ocean City the storm thus far does not seem so bad. The worst is yet to come as high tide, a full moon, and the storm surge are all to be amazing synchronized to our detriment.

For those of you like myself who are in the impending path of Huricane Sandy we hope you are prepared and weather the storm safely.

Don’t forget to vote before heading out to San Antonio. Take our survey. It will be fun to get a sneak preview as to political leanings of appraisers.


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