Charles Gress

Charles Gress has been in the appraisal industry for nineteen years and serves as the Senior Vice President & Chief Residential Appraiser for Martin + Wood Appraisal Group. Mr. Gress is noticeably involved in the attraction, education and retention of appraisers within the industry having trained over 30 appraisers in his time. Martin + Wood Appraisal Group, LTD., established in 1965, Is a full service appraisal company offering appraisals on all property types. He was also a candidate nominated for the "Valuation Visionary Award" by industry pier members of the CRN in 2012. Charles Gress currently serves as President of the Ohio Coalition of Appraiser Professionals (OCAP).

My Year as President of Ohio Coalition of Appraisers

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Being the Chief Residential Appraiser of Martin + Wood Appraisal Group with a staff of over 25 appraisers is a lot of hard and gratifying work. Last year, I was sworn in as Vice President of the Ohio Collation of Appraiser Professionals (OCAP)-- an intellectually rich group who has come together with a mission dependent upon the collaborative efforts of members to strengthen the appraiser voice.