Michael Manganaro

Buzz: Mike, tell us a little bit about your company.

Mike: Paradise Appraisals was started in 2002 in Naples, Florida. I have been appraising residential real estate since 1992 with the past 16 years being in Florida. Paradise Appraisals currently has 6 state certified appraisers covering Lee and Collier Counties in southwest Florida. I specialize in high end properties and my other appraisers have vast experience in the different and unique areas we cover. We offer above the industry quality and service which has helped our continued volume of work.

Buzz: How many years have you gone to Valuation Expo?

Mike: I have been attending Valuation Expo since 2003 when it was in Orlando and every year since in places like Las Vegas and New Orleans for other years. I have been to other events and conferences with other groups, but, I have to say the expo that Joan Trice puts together far exceeds any other. I have learned very valuable information on some topics such as mortgage fraud from speakers from the FBI to information on AMC’s. There have been some outstanding speakers over the years from some of the most influential people in our business such as Frank Gregoire and Jim Kirchmeyer. It’s also a great way to get your continuing education credits.
         It’s also good to see the vendors that attend these conferences that you work with and to be able to personally meet with them. There is always the opportunity to introduce yourself to possible new clients too. I have gained several new clients over the years from attending the expo. I look forward every year to attending Valuation Expo, especially when they are in Vegas. I will of course be there again this year meeting fellow appraisers from around the US, gaining valuable information, having great discussions, and still having time for some fun. VIVA Las Vegas!

Buzz: What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?

Mike: The biggest challenge as a business owner is finding the right balance of work for the size of your staff. It is also difficult at times to find people that really want to learn and be motivated to meet our daily challenges.

Buzz: How has HVCC affected your business?

Mike: The HVCC has affected my business, just as it has everyone else. We are sometimes doing the same assignment for a lot less money. I have lost relationships with clients that have been in place for many years. I am fortunate to have several clients that appreciate quality and are still willing to pay for it.

Buzz: How has the Gulf Spill impacted your profession?

Mike: The gulf spill has not affected us here in southwest Florida yet and I hope it never does. I’m staying positive about it based on the way the loop current is and estimations that it should not affect us. This disaster will have affects on all areas along the gulf coast for years.