Some Good News...For A Change?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Editors Note: Recently posted an article from Bill Smolen, a New York State Appraiser, about some positive developments in some of our states on behalf of appraisers. We thought it was worth sharing.

It is all-too-rare that we hear positive news regarding the appraisal profession. There is an awful lot of complaining that goes on, most of it justifiable, but little good news that gets shared. Part of the problem is that there is no central source for information regarding our profession which appraisers might utilize in order to find out what is going on across the country and affecting our profession, and could be used to enhance our industry and our citizens in our own state.

From what I have seen, most of any good news is being generated on a state basis. Every small victory in one state can be viewed as a seedling for development and further improvement in 49 other states, most especially including our own great state of New York.

I thought it might be a good idea to share some good news, and perhaps others can add to the list. Please feel free to comment below with any other good news you wish to share or comment. And keep in mind, these tidbits are only based on information I have come across. Who knows how much other good news there is, which I am unaware of.

Alphabetically by state:

  • Alabama – Appraisers have to be paid within 45 days.
  • Arizona – Requires appraisers to indicate in their reports the amount of their fee for any AMC appraisals. Appraisers have to be paid within 45 days. Also, prohibits any party who hires or engages an appraiser from requiring appraisers to sign an indemnification agreement.
  • Colorado – Requires appraisers to indicate in their reports the amount of their fee for any AMC appraisals.
  • Delaware – Appraisers have to be paid within 45 days. Also, AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • Georgia – Appraisers have to be paid within 14 days by AMCs.
  • Illinois – Prohibits AMC from requiring an appraiser to sign any sort of indemnification agreement that would require the appraiser to defend and hold harmless the AMC or any party hiring the appraiser. They also have a law requiring appraisal fee to be listed in appraisal completed for an AMC.
  • Kansas – Appraisers have to be paid within 45 days.
  • Kentucky – Set up an "appraisal management company recovery fund," to which AMCs have to contribute, with the fund going to provide restitution to appraisers who suffer pecuniary losses.
  • Louisiana – Granted the right to their state appraisal board to determine whether or not an AMC operating in the state has paid an appraiser a Reasonable and Customary fee.
  • Maryland – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • Mississippi – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • Missouri – AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • Montana – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • Nebraska – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • New Hampshire – AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • New Mexico – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • New York – Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers became a sponsor of the Appraisal Foundation. Not much of anything else here, since New York is a non-AMC legislation and non-mandatory state.
  • New Jersey – Gov. Christie vetoed BPO legislation, which would have greatly expanded use of BPOs and CMAs, to the detriment of appraisers, citing the confusion such a bill would create.
  • North Carolina – Appraisers can purchase copies of USPAP for just $10.
  • North Dakota – Appraisers have to be paid within 45 days. Also, AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • Oklahoma – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days. Also, AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • Oregon – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • Texas – Requires appraisers to indicate in their reports the amount of their fee for any AMC appraisals.
  • Tennessee – Appraisers have to be paid within 60 days.
  • Vermont – AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report.
  • Virginia – Provides appraisers with one free copy of USPAP. Requires the appraisal fee to be indicated within the report. After July 1, 2014, AMCs have 30 days to pay any and all appraisal fees. Otherwise they will be fined up to $10,000 for each occurrence.
  • Washington – Last year, the state of Washington raised its minimum bond requirement for AMCs from $25,000 to $100,000, presumably as a direct result of the bankruptcy of several AMCs.

Also, of the 50 states plus District of Columbia, in 37 of them it is mandatory that certified or licensed appraisers are required for any service for which an opinion of value (evaluation or appraisal) for real property is developed.

Bill Smolen, SRA, CSA-G NY State Appraiser

Have any comments or would you like to submit content of your own? Email


If this is the good news I hate to hear the bad news. If I read this correctly you are saying that after five long years the best progress that appraisers have made is getting paid on average in 60 days (eight long weeks). This may come as a shock to you but I was collecting my fee at the door on every job five years ago.

Not only is this "profession" a dog; it's a dog with fleas that gets urinated on by bankers (AMC owners) 365 days a year.

Like I said in the beginning; if this is the good news God help you guys when the bad news comes out.

When being an appraiser was a free enterprise, I collected "my" fee at the door, I was able to freely scale my business. Now the new norm is we get paid in 60 days, we're able to tell the homeowner how much we were screwed out of our fee, and make it apparent to the homeowner that they were lied to about what the fee was for! This is good news??????? Can someone explain to me the difference between Russia's current actions and the actions of "American" banks/AMC's against appraisers??????

What recourse do we have if we are not paid in 14 days. They force you to sign a pay sheet that sets the payment time to 3 to 4 weeks. I am in agreement I once got paid at door or within 2-3 days after submiting report. I think if you file a complaint they will just take you off list. I have been appraising 30 years. I would not go into this work if I had it to do over. I feel like. AMC's are pimps and we are the whores.

Since when is it good news when payments for services are delayed? Since when is it good news when a profession is "forced" to extend credit to users of the service? Good luck getting any of these states to enforce any of the new regulations. There is virtually no enforcement of regulations, banks, AMC's and most lending institutions violate Dodd Frank daily (does reasonable fees ring any bells). This industry does not need more regulations on this front it needs to educated the appraiser in simple business, calculate ALL costs related to performing an appraisal. Take a look at any professional service industry, its hard to hire any company for less than $100.00 an hour (in Michigan anyways) and appraisal companies are expected to work for $40.00 per hour, this is not good news! If we stand strong and demand professional fees they will come. By the way if enough appraisers refuse to extend credit to an AMC or Lender this whole concept of waiting for payment will be gone. Here's a thought, follow the law firm model, collect a retainer up front and once the money is all used up get another retainer fee.

Michigan is not no the list...Nothing good here.

I don't about the other states, but in OK, AMCs have to pay within 60 days, unless the appraiser agrees otherwise. If you don't agree to their pay schedule, they take you off the list. So in essence the law is useless and there is no "good news".

Vermont – AMC cannot prohibit appraiser from reporting the fee paid to the appraiser within the report. Now, THAT'S real protection for me as an appraiser......

Wow I can buy USPAP for $10. I get it on line for free! I just click on the link! I agree with the previous posts. This is just so laughable it stinks. Before this AMC garbage came in I was always paid at the door. Now I wait. I wonder if the people that work in the office at AMCs wait 60 days to get paid? NOT! Before this HVCC and Dodd Frank garbage came in I was in control of my business, and I had a growing business. Then it was in decline for the next 5 years. Plus some of these AMCs have the gall to tell me how to dress and introduce myself at the door! And then they call me constantly to check if I made an appointment when I just got the order. It's like I'm some kind of child that needs his hand held. Before my clients hire me based upon my product quality. Now it's, "What's your fee and turn time?" I am now expected to work for the same fee today that I worked for in 2000! Yet the scope of work has increased and my costs have nearly doubled. Bill Smolen thinks this is good news. He needs to get real. This is just more bogus promises by government regulators that will do nothing to enforce the laws already on the books.

Hopefully, this very bleak "Good News" is a sign that the appraiser's pendulum has swung completely to the side labeled 'economic and personal devastation' and will now start swinging back the other way because if the current situation is not 'rock bottom' for appraisers, appraising will soon die a quick death. Greedy AMCs won't like that, but banks will have met their goal and will love it.

Here's some more good news: There are still plenty of appraisers in my state (MI) who accept work at less than fair and reasonable fees. This clears the low paying jobs from my inbox... Good news! As for those who accept these fees, either raise your game or quit bellyaching! It's unbecoming of a "professional".

HVCC confiscated my clients and gave them to AMCs. I was not a party to the lawsuit, yet I was the one who has paid. The involved parties actually gained from their illegal behavior. It's time to stop bitching and start demanding compensation from the courts. When the government takes property (including business) it must compensate the damaged individuals. I think the Customary and Reasonable provision was included to offset the damage and try to minimize these suits, however it has become painfully obvious that there are no plans to enforce it. (Since when is law interpreted by the Federal Reserve, not judges). I for one am in the process of finding legal council that will vigorously go after all of the involved parties and suggest others do the same.

I can think of only three groups that have received a deal as bad as the appraisal profession:

* Native Americans (yes American Indians). Screwed out of their land, relocated, starved, slaughtered.

* Innocent Africans who were kidnapped, relocated, and forced into slavery in America.

* Internment Of German, Italian, & Japanese Americans during WWII ~ Forced from their homes with little or no notice, forced to give up everything that they worked for in life, forced to live in miserable conditions for years. Then handed $25 and a ticket and told "good luck" your free to go and rebuild your life from scratch with what's left of your $25.

Appraisers now join these three groups. Forced to do twice the work per appraisal, forced to surrender a clientele that they spent a lifetime building, forced to accept 60% of their fees from 2009 (now at pre 1990 levels) and forced to loan what remains of the hard earned income to bank owned AMCs for 60 days or until that can force the AMC to pay them.

There Is However One Small Difference Between These Groups:
Appraisers have always had the right to organize and boycott AMC orders effectively shutting down the AMCs and the national mortgage market overnight. Appraisers are simply too stupid to grasp that small concept. This is a luxury that Native Americans, African Slaves, and Americans with Japanese, Italian, & German ancestry did not have.

Wow, this really shows how bad things are for appraisers when this is considered "Good News"!! That's great that we can report how little we are being paid. Now homeowners can also see how much they are being "raked over" by the AMC's and banks. We are actually getting phone calls from LO's asking us to please take the fee disclosure out of the report, so the homeowners don't complain. I love making less $$ now than I did when I was a trainee back in 1999 to 2001. Now we also have "technology fees" or "upload fees" to pinch our pockets. Find me another licensed professional in this country that has no control over their own fees and who then has to pay money back to the company that hired them!! What a joke this has turned into. Until we get some government backing or lobbying power for the appraisal industry, we are all doomed!! Can't you see the writing on the wall? I see in the next 5-10 years, this job will be done by high school or college level people for $50 to $100 that AMC's will ask to take some pictures and then use all our UAD database information to determine value? Good News? Where?

Look, the writing has been on the wall for the past six or seven years. I've just ignored it to my own detriment and it sounds like a lot of you here have also (or you went delusional, like the author). I'm going to split the whole f@$!ing program Colonel Kurtz style. Everything has turned into a thugocracy controlled by the most insipid and stupidest among us for the benefit of the lowest common denominator (who vote multiple times and without picture ID, I might add). But I digress.

AMCs have been successfully wedged in between us and our clients with the result being appraisers separated from a goodly portion of the fees. The only good news is that this whole thing is going to collapse in on those that set up the whole house of cards. When? I don't know, but it's going to happen. Meanwhile you can all jump for joy that it's been legislated by the same jack-wagons who ruined the industry that appraisers should actually be paid a portion (45 days late) of what was rightfully theirs in the first place. Enjoy!

I have tried and tried to keep my fees up as close to C&R as possible only to get less and less work. Its unfortunate that appraisers are just too afraid to ask for more $. Its unfortunate that appraisers are afraid to stage a organized strike. What would happen if all the appraisers took a 5 business day strike for C&R fees? Its unfortunate that there are too many appraisers that don't take pride in their professionalism to stand up for their worth in the lending process. For those of you who do take pride and know our worth, please keep beating the drum. Maybe someday somewhere someone will hear.....

Only the Appraisal Industry would find it "good news" for the government to step-in and regulate how and when we get paid. 45 to 60 days for a $350. invoice, not good at all for the appraiser. This does not help. These long pay-outs on small invoices is one of the primary reason this industry is no longer viable as a career. Side job only. Good news once again for AMC's not appraisers. This industry is sinking fast, I hope we all have our life boats in place.

Texas change: Appraisers must report fee from AMC in the report.

Big frigin deal...who does that help? Only Louisiana came up with some good legislation.

Texas legislation is not going to reduce the 5% per year of appraisers forced to leave the appraisal industry in because they can not pay the bills. Can somebody please tell me how do you run a business without being able to project revenue. AMC's will drop you like a rock in a pond the first time a listing agent or loan officer complains about your appraised value. They know where their revenue comes from.....

So with the congressional push to reduce loan qualifications, with AMC's afraid to loose a client, and with appraisers just trying to survive, I suggest that the next bailout will be worse.

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