Understanding Background Checks

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There is a lot of misunderstanding and anxiety about background checks. I think we could all agree with that statement, right?

Let me put your mind at ease about a few of the myths that are perpetuated in the blogosphere.

Myth #1: "I did something stupid when I was in college and I am a different person today. A background check is going to cause me to lose work."

MythBuster: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and some State laws state that certain issues may not be reported beyond seven years. Contact an attorney or your state employment agency to determine the limit for reporting criminal convictions.

Myth #2: "I had a DUI a few years back and I don’t want to lose my clients when they check my background."

MythBuster: Most AMCs and Lenders seem most concerned with violent crime, bank fraud, and sex offenses. Depending on the circumstances and the length of time that has passed, honest and full disclosure of a DUI has often not prevented appraisers from finding work.

Myth #3: "My State ran a background check on me when I got my license. If it is good enough for the State, it should be good enough for everyone else."

MythBuster: It doesn’t matter if your State ran one on you last week- that is irrelevant. Lenders, and their agents, must perform due diligence. They cannot rely on what a State agency may have done. Lenders and AMCs do not have access to State background checks and they may have different standards. There are today licensed appraisers with criminal backgrounds that States are aware of but Lenders and AMCs have chosen not to work with.

Myth #4: "A clear background check is all any client needs to approve me."

MythBuster: No, that would be just the beginning of the vetting process. Both lenders and AMCs, to adhere to best practices should be reviewing your credentials, education, disciplinary history, areas of expertise, fee schedules, coverage areas, competency exams, and sample reports.

Myth #5: "All background screening is alike."

MythBuster: Depending on the Lender’s or AMC’s requirements, they may have different issues they screen for. Some searches would include criminal, past address, sex offender registries, employment, education and professional license verifications, civil records, motor vehicle reports and terrorist watch lists to name a few.

Myth #6: "I don’t have anything to worry about- I never did anything wrong."

MythBuster: While it may be true that you have led the life of a saint, there are still things you should check for. Identity theft affects everyone and appraisers are no exception. One benefit of performing a background check is the verification of the information that is found. If you perform your own background check, you can review the results and ensure everything reported is correct and timely. If incorrect or outdated information is found, it can be disputed privately to ensure your reputation is protected.

Myth #7: "I have a copy of my background check I can email to anyone who needs it- that will be good enough."

MythBuster: It is far too easy to add, remove or edit details from a file you have access to. To ensure tampering has not occurred, Lenders and AMCs need access to the original document or access through a secure server.

Myth #8: "Background checks are just a waste of money. I am not paying for that."

MythBuster: If investing $100 enabled you to make $1,000, would you do so? If you don’t spend the money for a background check, how many opportunities are you missing out on?

Myth #9: "I have been an appraiser for 25 years- my record speaks for itself."

MythBuster: True, but if you are looking for more work, Lenders and AMCs need complete transparency to eliminate risk and protect themselves, as well. When you do a background check, you help provide peace of mind to everyone involved in the appraisal process.

Myth #10: "Serious criminals are not licensed appraisers. A background check is just a money-making scam."

MythBuster: Although appraisers may lose their licenses for their criminal behavior, often times they do not. Some appraisers have had their license revoked in one State only to move on and get licensed in another. AMCs and Lenders who perform background checks and are aware of past behaviors are best prepared to ensure the safety and well being of all involved. Lenders and AMCs cannot rely upon the State to perform their due diligence for them.

Have any comments or would you like to submit content of your own? Email comments@appraisalbuzz.com.


If an AMC or Lender wants to do a background check they can do it by going on line and pay $20. Why do I have to pay a $50 or $100 for something that costs $20. If they think it is important for their due diligence then they should pay for it. But I'm not going to have money going out to an AMC when they already have their hand in my pocket skimming my fees.

I've been in this business for 17 years and ironically NONE of the banks I work for has EVER asked for a background check. It's only been AMC's. I think it's just another revenue stream of $80. They pay $20 and we pay $100. Hands in my pockets AGAIN.

I really don't have a problem paying for ONE background check. I do have a problem paying for multiple background checks.

I must agree that the cost is where the concerns of most appraisers lay. If an AMC wants to add someone to their rotation database, they ask appraisers to pay their overhead when the very premise of their business model is to make money off of the services we provide. This makes no sense and is quite frankly an insult to reputable appraisers. So if appraisers want assignments, they must pay those who hire them. If increasing regulations are a burden for AMCs, then let them pass along those costs to the lenders who hire them. This is just another item to add to the list of why appraisers have such an issue with the proliferation of AMCs.

These background checks are just another bureaucratic hoop design to make some company look like they are being prudent when in reality they are shopping for the cheapest appraiser out there so that they can maximize their bottom line. There is nothing in the Dodd Frank that requires this, but this requirement by some AMC’S is an interpretation of due diligence by some higher ups in these large corporations. If it was a requirement, then every AMC and lender would require them. It is just smoke and mirrors and really does not protect anyone other than making these investigative company’s wealthier. I did one background check on myself for one lender just to see what was in the check and it surprised me when it had the names, addresses and phone number of my neighbor’s. Why would this information be in there when the back ground check was on me. I don’t even know their phone numbers. It also had a lot of wrong information on me, such as e-mail address’s and such. I sorry but I will not ever pay for a background check for anyone else but my State to renew my license.

Background checks are yet another profit center for AMCs (banks); thus each company will continue to require one.

Sorry, but this article appears to me to be no more than 'scare marketing' by ALTERRA / CLEARBOX to push appraisers into coughing up bucks to sign on to their 'verified and vetted appraiser' profit node.

Appraisers at some point really MUST realize they have to stand their ground to these type schemes in order to send them to their proper demise. These ploys will keep perpetuating and take on all type of other incarnations, if appraisers are foolish enough to not see through them. They are no more than grabs at YOUR pockets. Nothing more.

Say NO to endless and individual background check charades. Let the AMC's and banks pay for them. The states have investigated and issued a license. The course work and time put in to, as required, is hardly a walk in the park, and costs more than chump change to attain. This suffices.

With respect to fees, competency, geographic or otherwise, turn-times, etc, ....... this should be on a case by case basis. Otherwise, the pursuit of C & R for appraisers will continue to be a forlorn lament, comforting to dream of, but a continuing fantasy. Have the banks and AMC's contact and negotiate with the appraisers, and include an up-front engagement understanding. Enough of their pigeon hole one size for all nonsense. And put THEM on notice an endless series of stipulations is NOT part of the engagement. Hire competent, informed and educated staffing to understand the finished appraisal product. It is not the job of the appraiser to train an AMC's or banks' staffing. Not my job.

Unbelievably frustrating to see and know appraisers are their own worst enemy. Folks ...everyone in the mortgage food chain has a say in the appraisal process. Except who? Appraisers !!! Wake up and smell the Starbucks.

"Serious criminals are not licensed appraisers". No friends, SERIOUS CRIMINALS own AMCs (legalized extortion).

I have no desire to pay for a background check. I know who I am, I would hire me - that's all I need to know. If an AMC wants a BC, they can get their own on their own nickel.

The primary problem I have with background checks is that you must provide your social security number to complete strangers. Why should anyone have to trust all the employees of either an AMC or lender, etc. There is no guarantee that your personal and financial information will remain secure in a file managed by employees that are total strangers to you. All it takes is one of these employees to either sell your personal and financial information or be involved in an identity theft scam. This could potentially turn your life into a living nightmare.

Is the risk one is taking really worth it?

I agree! Don't submit to any background checks? For what exactly? Any reports of appraiser thieves? murders, molesters? The homeowner is free to follow you to every room and bar your entry into any area in their home and property they wish. Average age of an appraiser is over 50, hardly your typical criminal. The customer invites you in, knows your name, may have your picture, can get your licensure and educational background from the state website. You know nothing about them. It appears the appraiser may be in more danger than the customer! What customer protections are they looking for? and why won't lenders and AMC's spell it out? Just say "NO" and pay attention to those who tell you this is a needed, inevitable addition to appraisal practice. during the financial debacle, it wasn't the appraiser who got away with the biggest chunks of the money!

I've already fired one AMC over this nonsense and I don't mind doing it again. I am 55 and have been appraising for 11 years. I have completed over 2500 appraisals without a single complaint. Read my lips, I will not submit to giving up more control to these blood sucking leeches.

Fire all of them and you're on the right track to making real money (by changing careers).

Myth #11: You will get more appraisal work. I refuse to dignify this myth with a response. Sure, with some amcs it may be a requirement, if you want to play with them. Myth #12: One BG check will server All your Clients, amcs, etc. (REEVA, et all). This is simply Not true....I checked, and so did ClearBox for CoreLogic- who wanted their own BG check outfit. Myth #13: One BG check......You will (for now) Pay for a BG check Each and Every Year. Perhaps shorter intervals (bi-annually, quarterly, monthly ?) in the future?? I personally wish the amc or client would do a BG check on me before Every Single Appraisal - At their expense, of course....where do I sign? "The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion." Arnold H. Glasow

Regarding background checks for appraisers...baloney. Hard to imagine another modestly rewarding, highly-regulated profession requiring more education, training and experience, not to mention increasing operational costs coupled with diminished fees, that has been exploited, virtually unchecked, by an industry, its agents and their all-powerful political lobby, which has always had a vested interest in the subjugation of the appraisal profession. No worries however, with respect to residential lending, soon there will be only "staff appraisers" under the direct and immediate control of the banking industry - and we will all see once again who truly should have required some serious background analysis.

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I am not going to entertain my readers with an gucci account of my professional career as a gamester, any more designer handbags than I did with anecdotes of my life nike shoes,Cheap Jordans,Cheap Jordan Shoes,Cheap Air Max,Cheap Free Run Shoes,nike outlet,nike factory,nike store,nike factory outlet,nike outlet store,cheap nike shoes,nike sneakers as nike air force a military man. pandora charms I might fill volumes lululemon with tales of this tods kind were I so tommy hilfiger minded; vans shoes but wedding dresses uk at this rate, my adidas zx flux recital would not be brought mont blanc to a conclusion for years, and who north face outlet knows how soon I may be called swarovski upon to stop? I have gout, rheumatism, adidas uk gravel, and a disordered liver. I have two or three wounds in my air jordan,jordan shoes,cheap jordans,air jordans,jordan retro,air jordan shoes,jordans,jordan 11,jordan xx9,jordan 6,new jordans,retro jordans,jordan retro 11,jordan 5,air jordan 11,jordans for sale,jordan 4,jordan 1,jordan future,jordan 3,jordan 12,michael jordan shoes,air jordan retro body, which break out every now and then, and oakley sunglasses,cheap oakley,cheap oakley sunglasses,oakley sunglasses cheap,oakley outlet,oakley sunglasses outlet,oakley vault,oakleys,oakley.com,sunglasses outlet,cheap sunglasses,oakley prescription glasses,fake oakleys,oakley glasses,oakley store,fake oakley,oakley sale,cheap oakleys,discount oakley sunglasses give me intolerable pain, and a hundred mac makeup more signs of adidas breaking up. michael kors outlet Such are the effects of tommy hilfiger outlet,tommy hilfiger,hilfiger outlet,tommy hilfiger outlet stores,tommy hilfiger outlet stores online,tommy hilfiger bedding time, illness, and free-living, upon one of the strongest constitutions and finest forms the world ever saw. Ah! I suffered from none michael kors of these ills in oakley sunglasses,cheap oakley,cheap oakley sunglasses,oakley sunglasses cheap,oakley outlet,oakley sunglasses outlet,oakley vault,oakleys,oakley.com,sunglasses outlet,cheap sunglasses,oakley prescription glasses,fake oakleys,oakley glasses,oakley store,fake oakley,oakley sale,cheap oakleys,discount oakley sunglasses the year ‘66, when there mac makeup was flip flops,fitflops,fitflop,fit flops,flip flop no man in Europe more air max 90 gay in spirits, more splendid in michael kors handbags personal accomplishments, than young jordan,jordans,michael jordan,air jordan,air jordans,jordan 11,jordan shoes,nike jordans,jordan retro Redmond Barry.

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After our mishap at guess factory Mannheim, my abercrombie uncle mulberry and I made for the Duchy of X——. The reader may find out the place easily enough; but I do not choose to print at cheap jerseys full the names of some illustrious persons jordan shoes in birkin bag,hermes belt,hermes handbags,hermes birkin,hermes bags,birkin bags whose society air jordan I then polo ralph lauren fell, and among ray ban sunglasses whom I was made the sharer in a very strange and tragical adventure.

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It was asics trainers hither we came after the Mannheim misfortune. The nobility of nike store the michael kors Court were pleased to say our reputation had preceded us, and the two Irish gentleman were made welcome. The very first night at lululemon outlet,lululemon,yoga pants,lulu lemon,lulu.com,lululemon.com Court we lost guess 740 of our 800 louis; the omega watches,omega watch,replica watches,rolex watches,replica omega watches,rolex,watches for men,watches for women,rolex watches for sale,rolex replica,rolex watch,cartier watches,rolex submariner,fake rolex,rolex replica watches,replica rolex next evening, at the Court Marshal’s table, I won them back, omega watches with 1300 more. You tommy hilfiger outlet may be sure we allowed no one to know tiffany and co how near we were to pandora bijoux ruin on the first evening; but, on the contrary, I endeared every one to me by my gay manner of losing, and air max uk the Finance Minister himself cashed a note for 400 ducats, drawn by me asics gel lyte upon my steward ferragamo of Ballybarry Castle in the kingdom of Ireland; which very note I won from his Excellency the chanel handbags next day, along with a considerable sum in ready cash. In that noble Court everybody was a gambler. You would see the lacqueys in the ducal ante-rooms at work with their dirty packs of cards; the coach and chair men playing in the chanel court, while their masters were punting in the saloons above; wedding dresses the very cook-maids and scullions, I was told, had a bank, where one of them, an Italian confectioner, nike pas cher made a handsome fortune: uggs he purchased afterwards mulberry,mulberry handbags,mulberry bags,mulberry outlet,mulberry sale,mulberry purse a Roman marquisate, and his son has figured as one of the most fashionable jimmy choo of the illustrious foreigners in London. The poor devils ugg uk of soldiers played away their pay when they got it, which was oakley sunglasses seldom; and I jerseys from china,cheap jerseys from china,nfl jerseys,cheap jerseys,cheap nfl jerseys,jerseys,baseball jerseys,nba jerseys,hockey jerseys,basketball jerseys don’t believe there was an officer in any one of the guard regiments but had his cards in his chanel handbags pouch, and no more forgot nike free 5.0, nike free trainer 5.0,nike free run 5.0,free running 2,nike free run,nike free,free running,nike running shoes,nike free trainer,free runs,free run 5.0 his dice than jerseys from china his sword-knot. Among such fellows it was diamond cut diamond. What you jordan call fair play would have flip flops been a folly. The timberland boots gentlemen of Ballybarry sac chanel would have been fools indeed to appear as yoga pants,lululemon,lululemon outlet,lululemon athletica,lululemon addict,lulu lemon,lulu.com,lululemon.com pigeons nike free in such a hawk’s nest. None but men of courage and genius dolce and gabbana could new balance shoes live and flip flops prosper in a society where every one was bold and clever; and here my uncle and I held our own: timberland uk,timberland,timberland boots,timberlands,timberland shoes,timberland boots for women,timberland outlet,timberland boots for men ay, and reebok shoes more than flops our own.

His louis vuitton,louis vuitton bags,louis vuitton handbags,louis vuitton uk,louis vuitton outlet Highness the Duke was a widower, or rather, since the swarovski bijoux death of ed hardy the reigning Duchess, had contracted a morganatic marriage with Ray Ban Sunglasses,Ray Ban Outlet,Ray Ban Sale,Cheap Ray Bans,Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses,ray ban sunglasses outlet,ray ban,rayban,ray bans,ray-ban,raybans,ray ban wayfarer,ray-ban sunglasses,raybans.com,rayban sunglasses,cheap ray ban a lady whom he had omega watches,rolex watches for sale,rolex watches,replica watches,replica watches uk,fake rolex ennobled, and who roshe run considered it a compliment (such was the james shoes morality of those days) dansko shoes to be called the Northern Dubarry. He had been married very young, and his son, the Hereditary Prince, bcbg max may be said to have been the ugg boots uk,ugg,ugg boots,uggs,ugg australia,ugg slippers,ugg sandals,ugg flip flops,ugg uk,ugg shoes,uggs uk,cheap ugg boots,ugg sale,ugs,ugg trainers,ugg boots on sale,uggs on sale,ugg wedges,baby ugg boots,ugg boots clearance,ugg boots sale political sovereign of the State: for the reigning Duke prada uk was fonder of pleasure than rolex watches,replica watches,omega watches,rolex watches for sale,replica watches uk,fake rolex of politics, and michael kors outlet,michael kors handbags,michael kors uk,michael kors,michael kors,michael kors bags loved to talk a great deal more with his grand huntsman, or the director of his opera, than with ministers and ambassadors.

The Hereditary Prince, whom I shall call Prince Victor, was nike of a very different character from his august father. He had made the Wars of the Ray Ban Sunglasses,Ray Ban Outlet,Ray Ban Sale,Cheap Ray Bans,Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses,ray ban sunglasses outlet,ray ban,rayban,ray bans,ray-ban,raybans,ray ban wayfarer,ray-ban sunglasses,raybans.com,rayban sunglasses,cheap ray ban Succession and cheap basketball shoes Seven Years with great credit in the Empress’s service, was of a stern adidas outlet character, nike huarache seldom appeared jordan shoes,air jordan,cheap jordans,air jordans,jordan retro,air jordan shoes,jordans,jordan 11,jordan xx9,jordan 6,new jordans,retro jordans,jordan retro 11,jordan 5,air jordan 11,jordans for sale,jordan 4,jordan 1,jordan future,jordan 3,jordan 12,michael jordan shoes,air jordan retro at Court, except when ceremony true religion outlet called him, but nike mercurial superfly lived almost alone in his wing of the palace, where he devoted himself to the severest studies, being a great astronomer and vans shoes,vans outlet,vans store,star wars vans shoes,cheap vans,vans shoes outlet,white vans,black vans,red vans,vans star wars,vans sneakers,vans shoes outlet store,vans sale,cheap vans shoes chemist. He shared in the rage then ray ban uk common throughout Europe, of burberry outlet,burberry,burberry outlet online,burberry factory outlet,burberry sale,burberry handbags hunting for the philosopher’s stone; air max and my uncle often regretted that he had no smattering of nike shoes chemistry, like Balsamo (who called himself Cagliostro), St. jordan Germain, and other individuals, who had obtained very great sums from Duke Victor by aiding him in his search after the great secret. His amusements were hunting and reviewing the troops; but for him, and if his good-natured father had not had his aid, the army jordan retro,jordan shoes,air jordan,air jordans,retro jordans,air jordan retro,jordans,jordan 11,jordan xx9,jordan 6,new jordans,cheap jordans,jordan retro 11,jordan 5,air jordan 11,jordans for sale,jordan 4,jordan 1,jordan future,jordan 3,jordan 12,michael jordan shoes,air jordan shoes would have been playing at insanity workout cards all true religion,true religion outlet,true religion jeans day, and so it burberry was well that the prudent prince was left to govern.

Duke Victor converse,converse uk,converse sale,converse trainers,black converse,converse shoes,leather converse,white converse,cheap converse was fifty years of age, and his north face princess, the Princess Olivia, was scarce three-and-twenty. They had been married seven years, and in the first years of bcbg max,bcbg max azria,bcbg dresses,bcbg shoes,bcbg outlet,bcbg their union the Princess ralph lauren had borne jordan uk him michael kors a son and a daughter. The stern morals and manners, the dark and ungainly appearance, of the husband, tiffany and co were little likely to please the brilliant and gucci outlet fascinating mizuno young woman, who had been educated in the flip flops uk south (she was connected with the ducal house of S——), who had passed two basketball shoes years at Paris under the guardianship louboutin,louboutin pas cher,christian louboutin,louboutin chaussures,louboutin soldes,chaussure louboutin,chaussures louboutin,chaussure louboutin pas cher,louboutin france of Mesdames the daughters of His Most Christian Majesty, and who was the life and soul of the Court of X— — the tiffany and co,tiffany jewelry,tiffany and co jewelry,tiffany and co outlet,tiffany's,tiffanys,tiffany co gayest Balenciaga of the ferragamo,ferragamo shoes,salvatore ferragamo,ferragamo belts,ferragamo belt,ferragamo outlet gay, the idol of her august father-inlaw, and, indeed, of the whole Court. 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