Valuation Expo 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Valuation 2010

Update I am pleased to report that we are currently on track to have one of our largest events in years. On one hand, given the state of the economy that is an amazing feat. On the other hand with the big shift in the valuation space how could a serious valuation professional opt to stay home? We are going to be in a packed house so register now.

Not only is Financial Regulatory Reform a “big cheese mover”, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have diligently been working on some changes to the appraiser's responses on the appraisal forms. Their strategy is to strengthen collateral risk management by standardizing and collecting appraisal data. We expect a big unveiling during the keynote address at the General Sessions on Tuesday, November 9. This is your opportunity to learn, ask questions, and prepare for what is expected to go forward. Staying informed is the single best strategy. You can’t do that sitting on the side lines.

Fin Reg will be addressed during the Appraisal Town Hall session. The implementation date has been established as April 1, 2011. That’s right folks. Mark your calendar for April Fool’s Day. HVCC may have been retired (in name only) but Appraisal Independence is alive and well. Obviously a lot of the conversation will be around “reasonable and customary” fees. Guidance in the form of the Interim Final Rule wasn’t, in my opinion, all that illuminating. So once again a lively debate will help me craft comments to the Federal Reserve. There is a 60 day comment period in which to respond.



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