DAC Meets With Industry Leaders to Discuss Action Plan

Monday, March 24, 2014

Last month the Designated Appraiser Coalition (DAC) met with some of the valuation profession's top appraisal experts to strategize and formulate an action plan designed to strengthen and ensure the future of the appraisal profession. The February 4-5th voluntary meeting held at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida tackled an array of issues facing the profession. Among those attending the conference were Cheryl Bella, MAI; Ted Whitmer, CRE, CCIM, MAI, J.D.; Wayne Pugh, MAI, CRE; Ralph Griffin, MAI; Lawrence J. (Larry) Golicz, PhD., MAI, ASA; together with other valuation service management professionals.

"An amazing number of ideas and solutions were exchanged and discussed" said Larry Golicz who also chairs the DAC Executive Committee. "Much of what is now being implemented through the joint efforts of these notable leaders involves systematic, comprehensive, and user friendly software service models to provide financial institutions and other clients wider coverage and more efficient compliance solutions."

To provide ongoing user support, the DAC will be forming a number of nationwide expert panels to focus on specialized appraisal services and client support centers, including:

  1. National Financial Institution Compliance Services Panel (FICAP) SEE PRESS RELEASE
  2. National Appraisal Review Services Panel
  3. National Appraiser Support Services Center
  4. National Residential Services Project Support Group
  5. National Public Real Estate Services Panel
  6. National Mediation/Arbitration Panel
  7. National Legal Support and Expert Witness Panel

Coordinating the implementation of these panels for the 300+ member organization is DAC Services Administrator, Greg Johnson, MAI, SR/WA. "The DAC is rapidly becoming a leading innovator in the technology side of our profession. While the strength of our organization allows us to service virtually any client on any scale, expanding our coverage and membership with highly qualified appraisers is and always will be a primary focus of the DAC", says Johnson.

The DAC recently announced expansion of its membership base to include all qualified valuation service professionals interested in advancing the profession and expanding interdisciplinary services. Designated members and candidates for designation of the AI, ASA, IR/WA, NAIFA, ASFMRA, RICS, CRE, IAAO, and others are invited to participate. Designated appraisers and certified candidates for designation interested in learning more about the DAC or joining the organization can submit their registration through the DAC website at www.valuelynk.com

On the client side, general client registration, setup and training are free. Specialized financial institution protocols covering compliance set up and training are provided at a nominal cost. Not only financial institutions, but existing and future AMC's as well as institutional and professional clients can select the DAC to provide complete beginning to end assignment processing through the DAC services platform. Questions regarding services should be directed to the "Ask An Expert" link in the website. Complete DAC client registration and other services can be accessed through the DAC website at: www.valuelynk.com.