The Case for Going Green

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So there is no misunderstanding, going green does not mean that one needs to be an environmental wacko or a global 

warming nut. For an appraiser, trying to deal with building trends related to environmental concerns is important when deteremining the impact on the appraisal process. How will an appraiser know when they encounter something that is part of green technology, and if they do, how can that be measured as to market reaction?

Is it jUSt PAP?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Well, that’s how my 38-year-old son refers to it.  On the advice of his father, he has long since abandoned the art of appraisal, opting for architecture and engineering instead.   His dad, an appraiser for 40 years, told him in his diaper days (the son’s diaper days, not the father’s), “Son, an appraiser is just someone who didn’t have enough personality to become an accountant.”   (So the kid goes for engineering?  Hello?  Pocket protectors?)

The Big C

Friday, March 23, 2012

The big thing on everyone’s mind this year is compliance. If you are an AMC, an appraiser, or a lender you have been focused on compliance. If this has not been your focus it is akin to running with scissors across a banana peel minefield.

If there is any lesson we may have learned over the past few years it is that denial only works for a while. Compliance is costly. Noncompliance is even costlier.